Routledge The Walled Arab City in Literature, Architecture and History

This book offers a multidisciplinary approach to the medina, traditional walled Arab city of North Africa. The becomes a concrete case study for comparative explorations of general questions about social use of urban space by openin


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University of Arizona Press Language, History, and Identity

The Arizona Tewa are a Pueblo Indian group that migrated around 1700 to First Mesa on the Hopi Reservation and who, while speaking Hopi, have also retained their native language. Paul V. Kroskrity examines this curiosity of culture, e


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Routledge The Official History of North Sea Oil and Gas

Written by the leading expert in history of UK energy, this study provides new, in depth analysis of development of UK petroleum policies towards North Sea oil and gas industry from early 1960s to 1980s.Following


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Pen and Sword History The Dark Side of Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys is popularly known as the founder of modern navy, a member of Royal Society and most of all, as a unique frank diarist. Less well is fact that he was a serial sexual offender by standards; a voyeur, a grop


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Routledge India History and the Making of a Modern Hindu Self

Taking the contentious debates surrounding historical evidence and history writing between secularists Hindu nationalists as a starting point, this book seeks to understand origins of a growing consciousness in contemporary Indi


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Lexington Books A History of Rwandan Identity Trauma

Few societies have faced the difficulties of identity building experienced by Rwanda. This book's introduction reviews literature on concepts of myth trauma, then introduces basic information on how it has been viewed by


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Aden anais Couverture en mousseline de coton Natural history (112 x cm)

Caractéristiques techniques : Composée de 4 épaisseurs de mousseline de coton prélavée. Tissu respirant et respectueux de la peau sensible des bébés. Garde sa douceur lavage après lavage. Sans composants azoïques. Emballage recyclable et conforme à l'initiative Green Dot.Conseils d'entretien : Lavage à froid en machine avec couleurs similaires. Séchage à basse température. Ne pas repasser ou nettoyer à sec.Age conseillé : Dès la


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Routledge Personal History and Health

Scientists, philosophers, and storytellers often question why human beings appear to remain constant while existing in a state of change at the same tune. Among those who explore expose dramatic conflicts between stability flux,


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Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften A History of

For the Koreans, no sport has surpassed football in terms of its popularity and national importance, from Japanese colonization era onwards. However, developed over time as a result of unusual agonizing historical events


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Palgrave Macmillan Childhood, Youth and Emotions in Modern History

Childhood, Youth and Emotions in Modern History is the first book to innovatively combine history of childhood youth with of emotions, combining multiple national, colonial, global perspectives.


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